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Hope Journey: Advocate for McArter

The third One Orphan Hope Journey team has had a wonderful, but heart-breaking week as they have tirelessly assessed and spent time with the Hope Journey children in China. There are many amazing children waiting for their forever families. Today the team sent us a glimpse of one very special little boy named “McArter”. Please take the time to read about McArter and share his story as he will age out very soon. 


Team member Summer had this to say about her time with McArter:

I'd like to introduce you to McArter, a charismatic 12 year old who immediately lights up the room and draws all eyes to him. He is incredibly intelligent and artistic, which he displayed with his beautiful calligraphy. He also sings. He is clearly the older brother to all the children, he encourages and cheers them on as they sing and dance for our team. Despite the fact that he is wheel chair bound, he is incredibly independent and has tremendous core strength. We witnessed him pulling himself up off the floor and back in his chair with no assistance. He asks for no help when he puts his socks and shoes on.
As he is 12 and close to aging out, his need for a family is urgent.

This young man has the potential to conquer the world, he just need the support and love of a forever family. Will you pray for him? Pray his family sees this post? Please share!


Please help us by sharing McArter's story. We have team members ready and willing to share about him when they return. If you are interested in learning more about McArter, or our China waiting child program, email or fill out a free pre-application on our website.

Important Note: We strongly encourage those interested in this child to inquire with our staff if desiring to review a file. We are currently collecting a large amount of updated information, photos, and video from our teams who are on the ground in China. In order to provide the most accurate representation possible for this child’s condition, abilities, development, and other important information, it is our desire to have all updates obtained and reviewed by our staff before a family be given a child’s file to review. This will aid both a family and any social workers or medical professionals who will review the file. Please email our China team at to inquire or for more information on your next steps.

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