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Hope in Haiti

Hope in Haiti

If you’ve been watching the news, you know about the crisis in Haiti. Political unrest, violence, and uncertainty impact the lives of Haiti’s citizens daily. The U.S. State Department has begun evacuating non-emergency embassy staff and warning Americans to avoid travel amid growing unrest there.

But there is hope. God is sovereign and working in the midst of the chaos.

America World has a Haitian staff member on the ground, continuing to provide updates and monitoring the needs at the children’s home where we provide support. He sent us these photos of Pastor Michelet and the children. For fourteen years, this pastor has visited the children’s home each week on Sunday to tell the children of God’s love. He loves the children and wants to make sure they know about Jesus.

Children at the Orphange Listening to the Pastor

Thanks to the generous support of donors, we have raised enough money to buy school uniforms for these children. We have begun the process of ordering fabric and taking measurements.

School is still scheduled to start on September 3rd.

At school, the children will have the structure and learning we know every child needs. In addition, they will take a Bible class every day to learn the blessing of salvation.

But we still need money for their books, supplies, and shoes. Also, we need to make their first tuition payment.

When we calculate the cost to send one of these 29 precious children to school in addition to their books, supplies, shoes, and daily food, it comes to $105 a month.

Could you help us support a child for one month… or more?

Click here for more information and to give! Any amount is appreciated and will help us reach the total needed. Also, if you’d like to make a larger gift, you can contact Development Specialist Rob Kinsey at or 515-520-3339 for options.

The children of Haiti need hope now more than ever. Help us be the hands and feet of Jesus during this time of turmoil.

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