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Hope for Haiti: Give or GO!

We have all seen the mass devastation in Haiti by this point in the week. For those of us who have served or visited Haiti the damage is almost incomprehensible. Such destruction will take years to rebuild. The food supply is destroyed as well. Haiti needs to see our light shining brighter than ever. Today we have two options that will allow you to provide some relief to our partners in Haiti.

First, you can give. Click here to make a one time donation, and put “Haiti relief” in the notes section of your gift. Your giving will impact the following needs:

  1. Partner orphanage : many of the orphanage windows now have missing or broken screens. With the excess standing water, the threat of disease carrying mosquitoes is high and we desperately need to replace these screens.
  2. Partner orphanage – We will be collecting immediate donations to help replace some of the broken windows and help fund repairs to the area around the creche.
  3. Partner orphanage â€“Massive damage, flooding, wind damage and buildings destroyed.
  4. Partner orphanage – general repairs.
  5. Haiti Food Pantry – Haiti has a desperate need for clean water and food as there are widespread food shortages and a lot of livestock was destroyed.

       6. Support for IBESR funds providing food and medical supplies. 



Secondly, you can join One Orphan response teams to Haiti. While Port-au-Prince and Petionville faired much better than other places during the hurricane and most of the damage and destruction happened along the southernmost coast of Haiti, all of our orphanage partners still sustained damage from the wind and rain and there is flooding. This resilient country and city is slowing coming back to life and we are going to help them out. We have a trip planned for the week of Thanksgiving to go and work with our orphanage partners – assisting them with special projects to get their homes, schools and playgrounds back in good condition for the children. We will also need donations of funds and supplies to help them restock and rebuild.

Why would we ask you to travel away from your families during Thanksgiving? I challenge you to consider this: what better way to express our thankfulness for all God has provided us by going and sharing with those who have a much greater need? I’m willing to give up one holiday with my family here in the U.S. to go and be a blessing to my Haitian brothers and sisters.

Due to the special nature of this trip we are asking that only internationally experienced travelers submit applications. You must have a current passport ready to go and be up to date on all your immunizations. We anticipate the total trip to cost around $2,000 per person. This largely depends on the cost of airfare. Please keep in mind that we work diligently to keep travel costs low so $2,000 is only an estimate. Most people fundraise for their trip costs – we do not have a lot of time for fundraising, but if you should receive an outpouring of financial gifts then we will use all overages as donation funds for the orphanage partners.

You may submit an application here

Friends & family can donate towards your trip here
1. Fill out all fields in donation form
2. From “Designated Fund†drop list select “Storyteller Missionsâ€
3. Type in travelers name in “Participants Name†field
4. Type in “notes†section that this is a donation towards the November Haiti relief team
5. Upon successful completion of the donation you will receive an automated emailed receipt to be kept for tax purposes.

 Please prayerfully consider joining us in November!


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