Honduras Waiting Children

Honduras adoptionThere are many waiting children in Honduras who are in need
of forever families! Our Honduras program is open for families who are open to
a special needs or older child adoption. A waiting child can be an older
child who is healthy or a child of any age who has a medical need. Children
currently available for review on our password protected webpage are:

  • a 7 year old boy who is suspected on the autism
  • a 4 year old boy who is also suspected to be on the
    autism spectrum
  • a 7 year old boy with normal health

You can be matched with a waiting child after an approved
home study and dossier. It is possible to bring your child home within 8-12
months after being matched, unless the Honduras in-country approval process
takes longer.

For families interested in learning more about adopting a
child with special needs or an older child can call us at 800-429-3369 for more
information. Additionally, we recommend several adoption advocacy groups such
as Love
Without Boundaries
and No Hands But Ours who
have educational resources for adoptive parents.


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