Honduras Program Updates
May 14, 2012

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to provide the Honduras program as an option to families desiring to adopt. We are thankful for God’s favor in the work that we do here at America World and are continuing to trust Him as we help families move forward in their adoption processes. Recently our CEO, Brian Luwis, visited our staff in Honduras as well as adoption officials and returned with a very encouraging report regarding positive and productive meetings.

We do consider the Honduras program to still be in a pilot stage as we cautiously move through the process with current families and as we look forward to adoptions being finalized in the future. We covet your prayers for not only our program, but for Honduras adoptions in general, government officials, adoption professionals serving in the country, for families in the process and most of all for the precious children who are waiting for their forever families.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting from Honduras please feel free to contact our corporate staff at 1 (800) 429-3369 and they will be very glad to answer questions and tell you more about the program. 

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