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Honduras Program Updates

HonduraschopThere has been some excitement in our Honduras program lately. We had our first family of 2014 finalize their adoption and bring their son home. We also have a few more adoptions in process of finalization this year and we are thankful for the permanent families these precious children will now have. We have also received new Waiting Children profiles. If you are interested in viewing these children you may do so by visiting our website

We are also reporting a significant change that took place last week regarding the central adoption authority (IHNFA) in Honduras. A special committee appointed by the President of Honduras was sent to evaluate IHNFA and to establish a process by which IHNFA would be dissolved and a new agency formed that would better protect the rights of vulnerable children in Honduras. Dissolving IHNFA is not a new concept, it is something that has been talked about for the past year or so and this is change that we have been expecting. Our understanding is that the central purpose of this change is to focus the government’s resources on programs for the children – programs that will reunify them with their families, provide safe environments for them, and/or place them in permanent adoptive families.

It is expected that officials will continue to proceed with current adoptions already in process. This will occur throughout the next six months as the IHNFA (now DINAF) reorganization takes place. Please join us in prayer that these changes will not impede current adoptions in process and that it will truly result in more placements of children into forever families. 


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