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Homecoming: It's more than a moment

Homecoming: It’s more than a moment

Advocacy is truly the heartbeat of America World. We advocate for orphaned children waiting for families as well as vulnerable children in need of care who cannot come home to forever families. Our staff tells their stories, our mission teams tell their stories and we pray for God to move in the hearts of families and individuals. The moment a child joins their forever family is so much more than a singular moment in time. It’s a series of events, words and actions of obedience that culminate in one of the most emotional and beautiful moments of the adoption process. At America World we are fortuante to witness these life-changing moments over and over again.

This month we had the opportunity to watch this moment unfold yet again as “Maggie” walked out of her orphanage doors and into the arms of her family. You might remember this precious girl from the advocacy posts we shared about her. Multiple staff members met “Maggie” and shared about her charming personality and helpful nature. Joe Wilson, the executive director of America World’s One Orphan ministry, was one of those staff members. He took the time to create a video featuring “Maggie” and posted it on his personal social media sites as well as the corporate America World outlets. 

God used that video to show the Danielson family the first glimpse of the little girl who would eventually become their daughter. In January of 2017 they accepted “Maggie’s” referral and began an almost year long process to bring her home. Last week “Maggie” walked out of her orphanage doors for the last time and made the journey home with her family who loves and cherishes her. She received a new name hand-picked by her family and is now called Esme. 

A child’s homecoming, while a singular event, is truly made of a series of God-ordained steps. An advocacy trip, a video, a blog post and a yes. It involves many people. In this case, staff from America World, One Orphan mission team members and a family who said yes to a precious child. Welcome home Danielson family, thank you for being obedient to God’s call on your life. 

America World is commited to uniting children with their forever families. We pray that these moments of beauty continue for years to come. As we have shared throughout this post these moments do not happen because of one person or one action. It takes all of us giving, sharing and speaking up to make them happen. That’s what the Season of Hope is all about. It’s a time to join together through advocacy and financial support to insure that this God-ordained work can continue.

If you have not yet given toward the Season of Hope we ask you to prayerfully consider your part, large or small, in supporting the work of America World. You can give your tax-deductible contribution today by visiting our Season of Hope giving page. Gifts given during this time will be matched up to $120,000 due to a generous donor. 

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