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Yesterday was packed full of different organizations and children to see. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit an organization that works with street boys in San Salvador. They house 25 of these boys. The boys leave their homes due to emotional, physical, or sexual abuse and live on the streets. This organization called, ” Hogares Providencia” gives them a roof over their heads, and many great opportunities in both education in art. At the time I visited them, they were learning music.

I asked what happens to the little girls…why aren’t they on the streets? Her answer was that they go into child prostitution. She then told me that there is another organization that goes in and rescues these girls, but their location is confidential to keep them safe.
Unfortunately, we ran out of time and I did not get to visit the children who live in the garbage dumps. I knew it would be a very difficult visit, but that is why I wanted to go and see them.  I am hoping to see them though on another trip! There’s so much need, how could I stay away?!

I want to thank Identity for Children, the organization I traveled with who arranged this trip They are knocking on so many doors and meeting with all the government officals in San Salvador on behalf of the children. I was truly just their shadow this week. They are the ones who have been able to give over 40 children their birth certificates and they have over 90 in the process. Brian Grandstaff, Christi Hicks, Conan Castro, Conan’s brother who works for AWA – Alexis Castro, and their Social Worker, Barbara are working tirelessly there to turn the tides towards these children…to ultimately get them out of the system.

We also want to thank Carmen Elena Balzaretti, the President of Familia y Esperanza.  She is being the voice of the orphan there in her own home country and speaking to many influential people on their behalf.   

Hopefully with the combined efforts of Identity for Children, Familia y Esperanza and an Orphan’s Ticket Home working together we will begin to see some of these children finally come Home.

We are so thankful to all of you who have donated to this cause.

On my way home and wishing I could take them all with me…


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