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Families Needed for Children with Special Needs

America World is looking for families who may be called to adopt children with special needs who are waiting for their forever families.

We are highlighting and advocating for the children on our Down Syndrome Adoption and HIV Adoption pages.

HIV Adoption

We have recently updated our HIV adoption page with additional children who need families. These 5 children are age 7 – 12 years old, 4 boys and 1 girls—Asher, Kelly, Carter, Gavin & Miles.

If you have not considered adopting a child with HIV, we encourage you to take some time to read this article about adopting a child with HIV from America World’s medical consultant, Dr. Patrick Van Winkle, MD, a pediatric hospitalist.

Down Syndrome Adoption

Our Down Syndrome Adoption page contains information about Down syndrome itself, and the Down Syndrome Waiting Children page has the profiles of 18 children who are waiting for families of their own. These children are age 3 – 14 years old, both boys and girls from China and India.

Other Waiting Children

Aside from these highlighted children, America World advocates daily for countless children in China and India. Many of these children can be found on our Waiting Child pages where individual child profiles can be found. This page is password-protected for the sake of the children listed. Request a password from this page to access the profiles.

Our adoption teams would love to talk more with you about any of these children!

Families considering adoption but are not sure if they qualify can submit a Free Pre-Application to verify qualifications.

Families who are called to adopt and ready to begin the process with our adoption teams can submit the full Adoption Application to get started.

Questions? Contact us at or 800-429-3369.

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