HIV Adoption Advocacy

America World has been privileged to partner with many families over
the past several years who have adopted children with HIV from our Ethiopia
program. HIV adoption opportunities could be available in our Ethiopia, China, India, and Kenya programs. If there are any future
advocacy opportunities for waiting children with HIV in our Haiti, El Salvador,
Kazakhstan, Honduras and Ukraine programs, we will keep clients and prospective
families informed of these details.

Recently the India and Kenya adoption programs have also
begun to offer HIV adoption opportunities for families. We cannot
guarantee any specific referral for a family in these programs until the
approved home study has been received and we can then see what referrals are
available for adoption at that time. However, there is currently no waiting list for
families in the Kenya or India program for an HIV adoption. Families who may be
interested in learning more about these adoption opportunities can contact us.

There are many outstanding resources for parents who want to
learn more about caring for a child with HIV.  Some of the resources
include the websites and nonprofit groups Positively OrphanedProject Hopeful, and the AWAA
HIV educational manual.

We are committed to educating and equipping parents for
these adoptions and for advocating for these children around the world. Please
join us in prayer for children with HIV waiting for their forever families, and
for those families who are training and equipping themselves to bring one of
these children into their home.

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