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“Helping Children Regulate” Webinar by The Beyond Consequences Institute

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Join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW for this 75-minute LIVEwebinar to discuss solutions to helping our children learn to regulate and handle stress. 

Note:  This webinar will be recorded so you can watch the video recording if you miss the live session. So sign up NOW to reserve access to this information. 

Trauma Compromises a Child's Regulatory System

When children are in constant states of stress and overwhelm, especially during their early childhood, one of the most profound results is that their regulatory systems are compromised. Simply stated, they don't know how to calm down nor do their systems know how to remain calm for extended periods of time. Traumatic experiences “tune-up” the child's set point…they're revved up and in high gear. Even when removed from traumatic environments and after traumatic experiences have ended, their bodies remain in a high state of arousal. This tuned-up state becomes their new “normal” which makes it difficult for them to function in the world. Helping children learn to regulate is the key to helping them find healing and be able to find success in their lives.

Strategies and Techniques for Regulation

In this webinar, Heather will give numerous suggestions, strategies, and techniques that parents, professionals, and teachers can use to help children and adolescents learn to regulate. Her list will include both regulatory activities that can be done within the context of the adult/child relationship as well as regulatory strategies to equip children to self-regulate on their own. Both are needed to help children strengthen their abilities to handle stress and to deal with overwhelm which will in turn, reduce their acting out behaviors. When we recognize that acting out behaviors are a regulatory issue, rather than just a behavioral issue stemming from the child making a bad choice, we can finally get to the root of the issue and get long-term results. Attending this webinar will equip you with an expanded and broader set of tools to be more effective with your child (client or student), no matter the depth of the trauma that he or she has experienced. 

Discharging the Trauma to Calm the Body

Getting children regulated and calm isn't just about learning to regulate. Most of the time, our children have so much pent up anger and survival energy stored in the body from years and years of trauma, that it makes it impossible to simply calm down in the moment. This would be like trying to plug up the top of a volcano, expecting all the volcanic activity to just settle–impossilbe! The energy has to come out first. In this webinar, Heather will discuss ways to help our children discharge their anger, frustration, fear, and other negative emotions from their past experiences in safe yet powerful ways. Uncorking and releasing this built-up traumatic energy is the absolute key to long-term regulatory success. Sign-up now to make sure you don't miss this extremely important and empowering online LIVE event!



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