Helpful Resources for Adoptive Families

Below are two resources recommended by our post-adoption staff for families who are in the adoption process, or who have completed their adoptions. These resources are made available by our friends at Empowered to Connect and the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

Christian Alliance for Orphans Resource:
Pam Parrish presents
Spiritual Preparedness for Foster Care & Adoption – Creating a Culture of Commitment

Entering the journey of foster care and adoption can be one of the most daunting decisions a family makes. For better or worse, adoption is a lifetime commitment. Foster Care is a commitment to loving a wounded child. In addition to practical training on the impact of abuse and trauma, families must spiritually prepare themselves for the journey ahead. In this video recording, ministry and organizational leaders will learn:

  • how to move beyond James 1:27 into deeper scriptural understanding of how to equip families for parenting children who’ve experienced trauma and abuse
  • how to help families examine their motives and expectations of foster care and adoption through the lens of scripture
  • how to help families consider the impact of foster care and adoption on their lives and families
  • see examples of how other ministries and organizations are combining spiritual preparation and state-based foster care training to improve the success of families post-placement

Empowered to Connect Resource:
Michael & Amy Monroe present
Adoption from the Inside Out

In this audio presentation Michael & Amy Monroe speak to a group of adoptive and foster parents (and parents-to-be) at a Tapestry event about what it means to approach the adoption and foster care journey from the “inside out.†This process requires that parents be willing to look back and make sense of their own past, look forward and honestly examine their motivations and expectations, in order to be free in each and every moment to be “fully emotionally present†with their children to help them heal and become all that God has created them to be.


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