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Healthy Boys Available for Adoption

Over the years through working with our orphanage partnerships in China, we’ve had the incredible privilege of communicating with Love Without Boundaries, who have programs they run in several of our orphanage partnerships. This wonderful organization has produced a video that we think every family should watch. It beautifully illustrates the fact that there are many boys in China in need of parents who wait much longer to be adopted just due to their gender. Currently, there are a number of healthy older boys between the ages of 7-13 that have become available for adoption as of this week, and several who will age out of China’s adoption system at 14 and will no longer have the opportunity for a family or parents to love them. These children’s files are registered by China in a way which allows a family to consider adopting them in addition to another child they may already be adopting from China.

Is God calling YOU to adopt an older boy or a boy with repairable medical needs?

We encourage you to watch this amazing video below and ask yourself if you are willing to open your heart and home to a little boy who desperately desires and needs a loving home and parents. If you are interested in adopting a healthy older boy or a boy with correctible medical needs, please email or call our office at 800.429.3369 and ask to speak with our staff in the China program for more information. 



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