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Father's Day - Adoptive Dad

He Always Wanted to Be a Dad

“I just always wanted to be a dad,” said Rick.*

Unfortunately, he and his wife, Anna,* tried to have children but couldn’t. They visited doctors, and no one could give them an explanation for why they couldn’t conceive.

Rick prayed every day for 12 years – until he couldn’t pray anymore. Then, he told God, “I’m done praying about this. Hopefully, someday, it will make sense.”

Adoption is not God’s plan B.

In 2006, a friend invited him to an America World adoption seminar. Rick bawled through the whole talk, especially when our co-founder, Brian Luwis, said, “Adoption is not God’s plan B.”

Rick and Anna decided to start the process of adopting from China, which took another five and a half years. Rick had to wait a grueling total of seventeen and a half years to become a dad! But when they were finally united with their daughter, Catherine,* it was well worth the wait.

Rick says, “Catherine and I bonded from day one. I know children don’t always bond with the dads right at first, but she and I have always had a special relationship.

“People don’t understand it. They say things like, ‘It’s wonderful what you’re doing,’ because we adopted her. They don’t get that we’re the ones who are blessed. I can’t imagine my life without my daughter.”

His heart says, “Thank You.”

Now, Rick gives generously to America World so that other dads can experience the same joy he has had with Catherine.

He says, “I know it’s tough. I know you have expenses, and I’m fully behind what you’re doing. I know adoption is the heart of God. But most importantly, America World will always be linked to the most amazing part of my life.

“I give because my heart says, ‘Thank you.’”

This Father’s Day, we say THANK YOU to all the amazing America World adoptive dads! And thank you to Rick for showing his love for his daughter in such a tangible way – by helping make being a father possible for others.

If you might like to join Rick in giving to America World, visit this page to learn three reasons we need your help today!

Three reasons your giving matters

* The names in this story have been changed at the request of the family.



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