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Hayes continues to wait for his forever family

You may remember shy and clever Hayes, also known as “little foodie, handsome boy” by his nannies, who affectionately note his love for eating!  Hayes’ story can be foundhere, but we recently received an update from the orphanage, answering some questions and giving additional insight and information about his development and personality.

Hayes’ caretakers report that he is very active and outgoing, and he loves building and playing with balls (don’t miss the new videos they sent showing his remarkable persistence and determination with both!)  He is able to participate in all activities in spite of his physical limitations, but he is just a bit more cautious than other children since his actions aren’t quite as fast.  He loves to help his nannies with housework, and he is well-liked by his peers.  When we asked what Hayes likes to do, his caretakers replied that he likes to offer help to other children, even though he still needs some help himself.  They say he is a very thoughtful and helpful little boy.

Please help us find a forever home for this special, outgoing, selfless young man so he can thrive to his full potential!


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