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Have You Ever Thought About Going on a Mission Trip?

ACT a 9-19-14

Have you ever thought about going on a mission trip? Have you ever felt the desire deep in your heart to want to make a difference? Do you have a passion for following God's call to care for orphans?

I did. So I led a trip to China last year with ACT and it changed my life. I have looked into the eyes of orphans that were once hazy and dim ….and have seen them light up with joy and happiness.  I have seen children who were timid and shy at the beginning of the week open up to us by the end of the week. I can see their precious little faces staring out the orphanage windows waiting for our arrival each morning.  I have seen children with lifeless blank stares respond to me with smiles. I have walked hand in hand with a little girl who wasn't quite tall enough to see out the windows without help. And so she would take my hand and lead me to the window so I could pick her up and hold her and let her see the world outside.  I have held and prayed over children that God would send their family to them.

ACT b 9-19-14


After seeing these things and experiencing them…..I have to go back. I have to make a difference to those beautiful children who our Creator made so perfectly. Will you go with me?  If you have ever heard that quiet little voice prompting you to respond to the calling… is the time. Come with me to China in 2015. It will change your life.

ACT c 9-19-14

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