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mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day, Birthmothers & Moms

Moms. For most of us, we have fond memories of mom tucking us in at night, mending scraped knees and elbows, encouraging us at all our childhood activities, and countless selfless times when we just needed her. Hopefully, you are one of the blessed who has those fond memories and continue to make new memories with Mom.

Unfortunately, for many of you reading this, our children have a different story.

Those of you who have experienced the joy of adoption know there is a balance of joy and heartache in our stories of parenthood. Our children are one of life’s greatest blessings, but the joy of us being their parent—being a mom-—began with trauma. Whether that trauma was disease, death, age or poverty, our children have a history of loss.

We often do not know the details of the loss in our child’s past, but we are grateful for birthmothers.

Some birthmothers had to make a decision to give that little baby forming inside of them the gift of life. For that, we are grateful.

Others made the difficult decision to surrender their rights as a mother to offer their child a life outside of poverty and disease. For that we are grateful.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend honor birthmother’s and moms. We think of the birthmothers who remember the stories we want to know, but also long to know about the stories we have.

We are grateful to God for knowing every story and taking tragedy from the past and bringing joy. For knowing the questions and hurt our children carry, and giving hope.

Happy Mother’s Day Birthmoms & Moms! We love you!

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