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Hank is waiting for his forever family!

Hank is waiting for his forever family!

Are you ready to jump into the weekend? We think this little guy looks like he is! (Check out the video below!) We’d like to introduce you to Hank, who is a sweet little boy with a cheerful disposition that just celebrated his fourth birthday this month! Like all boys his age, Hank is very curious and enjoys exploring new things, playing outside, watching TV when given the opportunity, and running around. Though sometimes shy, he enjoys playing with his friends and likes to observe adults and see if there are new things he is capable of doing. He enjoys taking a bath and has strong self-care ability. He can feed himself, put on his clothes, and is potty-trained. He is eager to learn new things and willing to do anything he does not know how to do. He enjoys eating fruit and snacks and the staff at his orphanage say that he is very self-motivated and the nannies all like him.

He has had his cleft lip and palate repaired through a program with Half the Sky Foundation (click HERE to learn more) Although he had several minor illnesses in his early years and needed additional nutrition,
he was given additional nutrition which appears to have strengthened his resistance to minor illnesses. 

Hank is reaching out and wanting a family to call his own.
Can you envision taking this little guy by the hand as he becomes your son?
Hank is an AWAA partnership orphanage referral and families
interested in learning more about Hank should contact our
staff at or by phone at 800-429-3369 to learn more.
Please join us in praying for Hank’s forever family!




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