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Haiti Food Pantry


Last month we learned of a very specific and urgent need to help children who had recently been without food for 4 days. As we looked into the need, unfortunately we learned that this is not an isolated issue and that orphanages all around Port-au-Prince are in need of basic supplies & resources on a daily basis.

We knew that there was something more we could do once we had helped meet the immediate need for food at this one orphanage. Last month America World launched the Haiti Food Pantry Fund to provide food support to the orphanages in need. With a simple request, we soon had the AWAA family, friends, contacts and others who were asking, “how can we help?†To date, we have raised over $13,000 for the Haiti Food Pantry Fund.

The response has been incredible! We hoped that we would be able to meet some needs as we heard of them arising, specifically crisis situations that would allow an orphanage to make a more long term plan. With your help, we now have the funds to be able to respond quickly in crisis situations. But, because of your generosity and outpouring of support, we have received above and beyond a goal of to meet only immediate needs, but can provide some more ongoing support to many children. Thousands of meals will be able to be distributed to children throughout Port-au-Prince.  


The need can feel distant and impersonal when you hear that an orphanage in another country needs food. But, please know that through your donations, we have been able to meet tangible needs that we see around us. The original orphanage has stabilized and there is a long term plan being developed to ensure the children’s needs are being met. 

We also learned that an orphanage where 9 children live were in a difficult situation and we have been able to provide them with fruit, rice, beans, fish and other staples.

As you may know the Chikungunya virus has been sweeping across Haiti leaving many people sick and facing additional challenges. We provided water, fruit, Tylenol and juice to a partner orphanage where many children & caregivers were struggling with the fevers and aches of this virus.

We have learned of many orphanages that are in need of additional support for food each month. We have identified 5 orphanages and are assessing their needs in order to best serve them. We hope to have the resources to focus additional efforts on these 5 orphanages for the coming months. We look forward to supporting children at our partner orphanages as well. We are thankful for the opportunity to expand our ability to help more children here in Haiti and share the love of Christ in a very tangible way.

Thank you for responding so quickly and generously to the request to get involved. Many children’s lives are greatly impacted by your support! We appreciate your ongoing support as we move forward with this ministry.

The needs are great and more opportunities to help are constantly coming to our attention. To help us continue to meet nutritional needs in Haiti, please donate to the Haiti Food Pantry Fund online or by check. To pay online, click here.

If you would like to mail a check please send a check made payable to “America World Adoption†to the address below:

America World Adoption

Attn: Michelle Reed

6723 Whittier Avenue, Suite 202

McLean, VA 22101

All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt for your donation will be provided to you.

Please share this need with your family and friends. Every dollar donated will contribute to enriching the lives of the children in crisis and empowering the orphanages to focus on building a sustainable support structure.  


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