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season of hope

Thank You for Being a Vital Part of America World’s Family & Ministry!

Our Season of Hope has begun and we invite you to read the Hahn family’s story and celebrate in their joy.

 Although adoption was something that my husband and I talked about often before getting married, we continued to try to have a child biologically until months turned into years. After two years, we found ourselves having to choose between starting IVF and adopting, and it was then that the Lord put it VERY heavily on our hearts that we needed to adopt.

 It’s amazing what God can do when you surrender your life to Him. Our adoption agency, choosing China, all those decisions weren’t even a “decision” for us. We both felt that was just where God was leading us, and we stood back in awe watching God move mountains before our very eyes.

 It came as no surprise when we got the call from America World that we were in. We were accepted into the China program. One giant leap of faith, followed by the greatest blessing ever…we were expecting on paper!

Hahn Family Photo

 God took what looked like a hopeless situation, and gave us hope.

 Each and every day we look at Gracie, we are reminded of His faithfulness and the work that He is doing in our lives. Gracie is such a sweet little girl with a beautiful heart and an amazing personality! We are so blessed to be her parents and we thank God daily for our little miracle! 

As we enter into our annual Season of Hope we invite you to celebrate 25 years of life-changing stories with us. God has moved wildly on behalf of children and families. He has woven stories together that bring children home just in time; He has brought beauty from ashes and He has shown up for America World and our families for over 25 years!

Please pray with us for the millions of vulnerable children who are still growing up without the love and stability of a permanent family. We are expectant about what God will do during this season through our ministry.

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