Guest Post: Beyond Words

Thank you to adoptive mom Melinda for sharing this encouragement! Check out her blog at the link below for more pictures. 

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I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I am not very patient when I am waiting on something. I like to get things accomplished and check them off my list, or cross them off, or better yet use my sharpie to draw a big black line through them. I have learned that beautiful things happen in the wait though; things that you may not expect or even see during the period of waiting. Those happenings can be, and were for us, the biggest blessings. Though we didn’t see with our eyes what was happening, prayers were answered during those wait times. It is ok to wait. Even good! (Just check out the pictures of a miracle on our blog!) So throw away your sharpie and bury your list. God has a list, and his purposes and agenda will be accomplished in His perfect time. We encourage you to read our thoughts on this topic on our blog post “Beyond Words†and hope that it encourages each of you who are waiting for the child God has for your family.

-Melinda Myers

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