Guest Blog: Sacrifice

Ethiopia adoptive mom Bobbie DuBose provides today's guest blog, a wonderful encouragement about sacrifice from her blog Sing. Dream. Hope. Pray.


This post isn’t about me, per se. It’s a message for someone. I don’t know who the person is (or people are), but I believe God has pressed it upon my heart to put the following encouragement out there, not necessarily as someone who has been-there-done-that, but as someone who daily IS there DOING it. I’m talking about parenting a child with special needs—great or small, whatever those needs may be. Whoever you are, God wants you to know you are not alone. Not only am I in the trenches with you, but there are countless others out there who get it—and get you. Of course everyone’s situation is unique, however, those of us battling it out in the parenting trenches know your internal, physical and spiritual struggles.

If my admittedly failing memory serves me correct, parenting a child with special needs is not something I neither signed up nor signed on for when I inked my parenting contract with God. But then again, few people do. (There is a very special place in heaven for those whose hearts God has set to seek out and parent children who have special needs. Bless you.) As the parent of a child with developmental challenges, pipedreams are no longer in my wheelhouse. That’s not conjecture; it’s fact. I’m not seeking sympathy, I’m simply telling you my reality. I can’t see past today. My son consumes me from the moment his eyes flutter open at the crack of dawn until he finally drifts off to sleep at night. His days are fueled by a great deal of anxiety and nearly every second of my day is spent caring for or interacting with him in one way or another. And the few hours I’m afforded during the school day are spent at my office doing full-time work on a very part-time schedule.

One of the many things I’ve learned firsthand over the years is this: you cannot effectively parent a child without sacrificing yourself. Every family’s situation is unique, however, parenting a child with developmental and/or physical challenges greatly magnifies the sacrifice required of parents and caregivers.


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