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Great Coffee for a Great Cause

I've jokingly been told by friends that my passion for orphan care and advocacy is only matched by my love for a good cup of coffee.  Whether there's truth to this or not, I will unabashedly admit to enjoying exceptionally delicious coffee, so it is with great exitement to announce America World's online partnership with Ground to Cup Coffee ( 

Ground to Cup Coffee is designed to deliver amazing, fresh coffee to your doorstep, while supporting important causes at the very same time.  Through our new online partnership, your coffee purchase can now impact an orphan and help him or her obtain his or her ticket home.  Ground to Cup Coffee gives people the ability to purchase high quality coffee with 40% of the total cost going toward America World's Orphan's Ticket Home campaign - you get to buy (and drink) great coffee and support a great cause in one fell swoop! 

Want to check out their online coffee store?  Simply follow this link:

Love their coffee as much as I do?  Share it with your family and friends by adding one of these logo buttons to your website or blog (by copying and pasting one of the below codes).  These buttons are automatically directly linked to the America World-specific store on their site, so 40% of any purchases made will go to benefiting our initiatives and efforts in building Christian families through God's design of adoption.

 Ground to Cup Coffee<a href=”“><img src=”” alt=”Ground to Cup Coffee” width=”60″ height=”99″ border=”0″ /></a>

 Ground to Cup Coffee<a href=”“><img src=”” alt=”Ground to Cup Coffee” width=”120″ height=”204″ border=”0″ /></a>

You can also “like” their page on facebook to show your support and spread the word to others on a simple way that they can get involved with supporting orphan care:

Don't like coffee / Trying to kick the addiction?  Well, I bet you know someone who loves coffee or who doesn't have nearly as much self-control as you.  Share with them about this fantastic company and their admirable aim.  People don't have to be associated with America World in order to indulge in wonderful coffee while supporting adoption and orphan care concurrently.

I really hope that you take advantage of this incredible opportunity!  You won't be disappointed with the product nor for investing in the lives of fatherless children who are so near to the heart of our Lord.

— Jason West, Director of Development


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