Government Shutdown and Adoption
September 30, 2013

In light of the possible government shutdown at midnight tonight, we wanted to provide you with information on how this could affect the processing of adoptions. Please keep in mind that this may change as the situation in Washington, DC continues to unfold. We should have a clearer picture in the coming days as our representatives work on a deal to continue to fund government operations.

As of 5:00pm EST, we have word that the Bureau of Consular Affairs will continue to provide services for the foreseeable future. Based on this information, we do not anticipate a disruption to adoption services provided by the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Although we have not yet received official word from USCIS, the information that we have received indicates that since USCIS is a fee-for-service agency, it will not be affected by a government shutdown. Accordingly, we believe that USCIS will also continue normal operations.

Again, please remember that this is preliminary information that very well could change as the debate in Congress unfolds. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, please join us in praying for wisdom and humility for our elected officials as they work toward a compromise. 

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