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Gotta Have Your Tea Time?

Beloved Tea

We are very excited to be partnering with a new business, Beloved Tea, started by an America World family with a heart for orphans and adoption!

Joseph & Christina Caruso, America World adoptive parents of two girls from China (2001 & 2009), just recently opened their new business and are giving 50% of the profits from select teas (currently “Dragonwell”) to America World's adoption initiatives.  They state:

We started Beloved Tea not only because of our love of tea, but more importantly –our passion for sharing it with purpose, while building community.

We’ve discovered some amazing teas that we want to share. Our hope is that you will be as excited to enjoy them with loved ones as we are. Although tea can certainly be enjoyed alone, it is always better to share the love.

We have a heart for adoption and have a program that will help support orphans in China and other areas in need. We truly believe in the importance of ‘Love’ and the amazing effect it has on all of us. Our goal is to “make a difference in the lives of these precious ‘Beloved Little One’s one sip at a time.”

Beloved Tea smallWe encourage you to visit their Beloved Tea website to learn more about what they are doing, and what they offer, or visit their Beloved Tea Online Store and try some of these fabulous teas for yourself. Remember, 50% of the proceeds from “Beloved Little Ones” (Dragonwell) go directly to support America World orphan initiatives!


Try them out and let us know what you think!
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