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Global Family Podcast

Global Family Podcast Season Two Episode One Available Now!

As Calvin & Erica Ho began considering the child they were about to adopt, God led them to an older child with a visual impairment.  8 years later, Erica shares the joys and challenges of raising her daughter, Lola, who is blind and had already learned the Mandarin language before she was adopted.

If God is leading you to adopt and you are not sure about adopting an older child and/or a child with a disability, you’ll want to listen to Erica’s story here.

At America World, we are building families according to God’s design of adoption, while caring for vulnerable children around the world.

Whether you would like to adopt, assist on an orphanage mission trip, or simply have a heart to care for orphans, America World can be a resource for you.  Visit to learn more!

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