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Ethiopia family empowerment

Give the gift of hope to waiting families and at-risk children worldwide!

As we enter the spring season and countdown to Easter we invite you to impact the following initiatives with a gift of hope.

Waiting Families: The impact of COVID on adoption has been significant. Families are facing travel delays and extended processes. Your gift of hopeenables America World staff to provide extended services to our waiting families.

Vulnerable teens in Ethiopia: America World operates an 18 month program called Bete Hosanna in Ethiopia for teen girls aging out of the government orphanage systems. Your gift of hope will allow additional girls to enter the program and provide funding for phase two, independent living, for Bete Hosanna graduates.

Vulnerable families in Ethiopia: America World has been serving vulnerable families in Ethiopia for more than 10 years. The Family Empowerment program serves families by providing resources and monthly welfare check ins. Your gift of hope helps keep families together.

Post Adoption Support: As always, our staff continues to develop ways to support struggling families in post-adoption. Your gift of hope will sponsor continued development of staff and resources.

Education in Central Asia: America World is blessed to partner with a children’s home in Central Asia. This beautiful home takes a family-based care approach to orphan care. Your gift of hope will support education and expanding and improving the on-sight school offerings.

Each Gift of Hope will significantly change the lives of children and families highlighted in the above initiatives. This is a unique opportunity to effect change for many with ONE simple act of giving. Thank you for stepping into the lives of families and children!


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