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Give Christmas Away

We are so filled with love during the Christmas season as our loved ones pour into us and us into them.  Usually we return to the New Year with that wonderful warm fuzzy full feeling that we are loved, secure and that we have a family to call home.  But not for everyone….  Millions of children around the world don’t even know it’s Christmas or what in the world that could mean to them.  Would you give this love in your heart away in 2010 by traveling to pour it into the orphans of this world? 

If so, Visiting Orphans, a mission sending agency, needs you.  They have designed trips to lead teams into orphanages all over the world with just this purpose in mind.   When you travel with them to  Ethiopia you even get to help work at the America World transitional home.  They are also offering two trips to Southern China’s Hunan Region! You could return to the region where you once adopted or hope to and invest in the children who may never have the opportunity for a family.   You can also visit the wonderful ministry of Amazima on a trip to Uganda.  Or visit the children in the port town of Limon, Costa Rica this March who rarely, if ever receive teams to help.  

Visiting Orphans is also leading trips to Ecuador, Ghana, Rwanda, El Salvador and Honduras. 


To learn more or join a Visiting Orphans trip, please click here.

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