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Girls Reunited Through a “Chance” Meeting

The following was submitted to America World by the Thomas and Swindler families. Just a reminder that God has a plan far beyond what we can imagine.

Lili Mary
This is our little Lili…who isn't so little anymore and her friend, Mary Joyce.

Lili and Mary Joyce were in the same orphanage together as babies in JiangXi China. Our families moved to the same area not knowing the other one was here. We met at a Chinese adoption support group meeting just a year after bringing the girls home.

Mary Lili
It was the most amazing moment to watch the girls toddle around the couch and see each other for the first time. They recognized each other!! They were both still babies…not yet even two yrs old!!!! It was an amazing moment to witness!

Mary Lili 2
Now look at them…both so grown up…and beautiful!!!!! Our families are both so blessed.





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