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Generous Living: America World on Mission

Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice. Psalm 112:5

God calls His children to generous living, no matter what we have, who we are, or where we live. Even the poorest among us are called to live generously. I have learned this in my short days of being here with the poorest in the material sense. And let’s not confuse the matter: it’s not about our bank accounts, it’s about our hearts, our time, our talents, and our treasures. We are to be generous, willing to share, and rich in good deeds for the glory of God.

Here’s the promise: blessings follow generosity.

Of course, this will look different to each of us, but we are ALL called to give as we live. I was blessed when so many made it possible for me and this team to be here serving. All by giving, prayers and support. Those who gave are the heart behind the service on this trip. God made sure of it. He always does. We can’t out give God. He is so BIG!

Father God, You are so generous. Thank You for the abundance of Your grace, mercy, love, and truth. Help us to live generously and to give open handedly just as You do with us. Guide us Lord into this new day. Allow us to do everything for you and not for others or ourselves. Help us be the team we need to be. Give us strength when we can’t go anymore. Be our guide always.

Please continue to pray for our teams serving internationally over the next two weeks. Our God has moved in mighty ways to allow ways through when it seemed like no way was possible. His heart is for the fatherless, his heart is for the sick and broken… and for some reason He continues to see fit to use all of us to minister in these spaces.

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