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Fundraising to Help Bring Their Sister Home

Most adoptive families have done some type of fundraising.  Through adoption fundraising, many families cover a great portion of adoption expenses, or even eliminate completely the cost of their adoption.  We have heard some great, creative ways of doing this.  From cupcakes to lemonade stands, from yard sales to raffles, the choices are endless.

We wanted to highlight one family whose sons wanted to make an impact on the adoption costs to help bring their sister home.  Three of the brothers in this family, ages 6, 9 & 10,  decided to form a band and are doing 3 fundraising concerts!  Great job, guys!  We'll be praying for you.

Go to our America World Facebook page and let us know what you did to raise funds for your adoption.  Your idea is sure to help another family who is just beginning the process!

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