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Full Circle in Adoption

Drew and Sarah Last weekend I attended my sister in law's wedding.  She was married in Central Park in New York City on Good Friday.   The cherry trees were in bloom and it's was a cloudy 60 degrees.  Couldn't have been a more perfect day for such a great celebration.  What was really special about this wedding was that her groom is a wonderful Christian man.  He is actually Korean, born in Korea and adopted by an American couple here in the States when he was three years old. 

Being in adoption day in and day out, I am blessed because I get to witness awesome stories of the miracle of adoption.  New families bringing home precious children daily.  Their joy of this union with their long awaited child is such a blessing to witness so frequently.  But, to get to see a mother dance with her adult adopted son at his wedding, was just almost overwhelming. Drew and his mom danced to an acoustic version of the hymn ”There's Just Something About That Name”.  It's the song that his mom used to sing over him as she rocked him to sleep when he first arrived home.  That hymn has a verse that is repeated over and over again and those words are simply, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name…”  Drew chose this song to share his dance with his mother.

It was a very powerful moment, especially for me, since I truly understand the love this adoptive mom has as she blesses her son in this new marriage.  She raised her son to fall in love with Jesus and marry a woman who does as well.  What a beautiful full circle of adoption this was to see for me.  We welcome Drew into our family!!   

For those of you raising adoptive children, may this be further encouragement to you.  You have brought a child home who may never have had a chance to have his own mom and dad and you are raising them to know the Lord.  Can you imagine the day you watch them walk down the aisle, knowing how much you love them?  Drew's mom and I shared a wonderful time at the reception talking about adoption.  We both agreed that the love for your adopted child is very similar to that of a biological child, but yet it's so different and deep.  It's like God has downloaded His love to you for this child..It's a choice you made, it's a call, it was a step of faith.  You are touching heaven…bringing it to earth.

I can't wait to see the wedding pictures of your children one day!   

And of course, I have to mention, if you feel led to help us bring more orphans home,please donate to An Orphan's Ticket Home here

Amanda Clark Lawrence

Director of Development


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