From the Heart: A Story of Mackenz from Haiti

This video shares just a small part of the story of Mackenz, who used to be an orphan in Haiti. It is a story of hope, love, faith…and dance.  The following is from Mackenz' parents, Bill & Shae Goodwin:

When we were first challenged to be the Storyteller, this challenge spoke loudly in my head and heart. Adoption was never on our bucket-list or anything that either of us had felt compelled to do….Then I went to Haiti on a photo service mission and everything changed. I felt the call, the need, and the love. It made me search my soul deeply. There were a hundred reasons NOT to adopt and all of them valid. Age, retirement around the corner, money, time, how would our biological children and parents deal with this decision? The list went on and on… literally a hundred reasons not to adopt and only one reason to adopt. That reason was that it was the right thing to do.

We stepped forward in blind faith and began the process. We didn’t have money for adoption. That was something we needed to figure out (times three) and fast. In action based faith, it all happened. That is a beautiful story in itself; to see how God worked in our lives. We didn’t know how this story was going end. We still don’t know. That was probably the scariest part of the decision. Once people knew we had begun the adoption process, the adoption horror stories were being told to us daily. Our hearts still burned with a knowing that we were doing the right thing.

We are only a year in our journey of having our sons home and we have to admit that it has been everything. We do mean everything. The hardest thing we have ever done, and the most rewarding thing we have ever done. 

Each of our sons is amazing. Each has their own gifts, their own struggles, their own story. Mackenz has really felt the call to share his story. His heart is to help other children in the world. He wants to inspire them with hope, and inspire you with desire to make a difference.

Every day our sons inspire us. Each of our sons have exhibited great courage on this journey. We are so proud of them. We are so glad they are ours. We are enjoying the journey. All of it. The good, the bad, the unknown. We have never experienced joy or hard work on this level. It is worth it. If you feel the call…Listen.

Bill & Shae







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