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From Our CEO: A Luwis Family Update

Luwis Family 2014

Hi America World Family, 

I wanted to give you an update on our family since most you have never met me, except through video.  I live in McLean, VA, about 15 minutes from the America World office, with my lovely wife, Renee.  We are approaching 27 years of marriage and have five children. Fei (20), a Junior at Boston University is studying Behavioral Biology.  Gwenn (18), is taking a gap year to work with Christian missionaries serving orphans and vulnerable children in Croatia, India, and Brazil.  Sophia (16), is at Madeira, a local prep school in McLean, where she is running cross country.  Abel (13), is studying at the Luwis home school academy while spending the rest of his time playing travel soccer. Cecile (9), is at the Ambleside School, a small Christian school in our area where she is also following her brother in her own travel soccer commitments, or should I say our commitment to give up our weekends until the end of time. 

Professionally, I volunteer as CEO at America World Adoption, where I have worked for over 20 years.  I have had the privilege of being part of thousands of families’ stories, including our own.  Most of you probably don't know that my income is derived from my responsibilities with my family’s commercial real estate development business, which was founded by my father, a first generation America from a poor Yugoslavian family. 

The other big news is, I'm about to turn 50 years old this month. As I reflect on what really matters in life, it is relationships.  First with Jesus, then with others.  America World is committed to building relationships with families and orphans around the world.   As the world becomes a more difficult place to work as we deal with a rise in nationalism, racism, and wars we, more than ever, need your help to continue the mission of “building Christian families according to God's design of adoption.” 

God says to be bold, so If you want to send me a birthday present please send it to AW and not me, unless it's a cheesecake!   We came up with the idea of, “Give $100 for a 50“  but please pray and let God lead you in the gift you would like for us to use to see orphans placed in Christian homes.  God bless, and thank you for being part of the America World family.

Brian Luwis, CEO & Founder

America World Adoption

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