From China to Haiti and a change of heart

From China to Haiti and a change of heart

Theresa recently joined a One Orphan to team to Haiti. Below she reflects on her past service to China and how she found purpose in an unfamiliar place.


Going to Haiti was absolutely life changing, although not without challenges! At first going to a new county, besides China where I had previously traveled with One Orphan, was difficult to grasp because it was so familiar to me. I thought that China was where God had called me to do His work, but little did I know that He would break my heart for the country of Haiti and show me that the people of Haiti needed me.

When I got to the orphanage I saw the children fighting over toys and I thought that was typical to see in this type of place. As the week progressed I noticed that almost all the children were doing it and I saw a desperate urge in their eyes. Wanting that toy would fulfill them in every way possible. Seeing the younger ones and what they went through with the older ones either caring for the young or bullying them was heartbreaking. To know that now that I'm home I can't be with them… to keep letting them know that God loves them, hurts my heart everyday. However, I understand that for that week my purpose was to do just that. Those words and opportunities were not wasted. While in Haiti our team had the opportunity to show them love, kindness and patience.

That is when I realized that God's plan will always work itself out, even when I think it won't He will make a way. Always has and always will.
-Theresa Benton


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