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Letter from Rachel


On Monday we traveled to Ambo, a town about an hour outside of Addis Ababa. Rachel_ward_22908_post It is such a beautiful drive out in the mountains and countryside.  We visited with an organization called New Hope Centerfor Children and Handicapped.  On their property they have a school and a residential facility for approximately 60 children.  The children are ages 5-12. We also visited an SOS orphanage, an organization that has orphanages all over Ethiopia.  Lastly, we visited the Kale Heywet church which is the sponsoring church for Compassion International.  They serve almost 300 children through this program, and we were able to play with the children for a bit.  All in all, it was a very fulfilling day!  Our vision is that these places will be great to take the Visiting Orphans mission teams.  We also visited another orphanage in Addis Ababa, and are hopeful to partner with them in placing orphans with their forever families.


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