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Family Resources: Free America World Webinars!

I heard someone on the radio the other day refer to quarantine, or social distancing, as “cocooning,” and I thought, “Wow!  I know that term!”  Many adoptive families are familiar with it too.  As I thought about it and talked with other adoptive families, I see that this time of distancing can actually be a healthy time for families too.  I don’t want to minimize the stress that many are feeling as sickness sweeps our nation, routines are disrupted, finances are iffy, tensions are high, and resources are scarce, but I do see ways that this can be a really great time for families to grow and connect.  Think back to when you were cocooning (or maybe you are still planning to cocoon as you wait for your child to come home).  You worked to get to know your child; you followed his or her lead; you just basked in the abundance of time you had together.  Routine can still be important of course, but playing games, cooking together, reading together, cleaning together, and more, can all bring about conversations and connections that you might not have time for otherwise.  Many children’s anxieties are lessened as they enjoy the decreased social and academic stresses of school.  Many are now getting a healthier amount of sleep.  I pray that your family is enjoying some of these benefits in this trying time.

However, if you finding that the stress is resulting in negativity in your child or family, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help.  We at America World are more than happy to visit with you and brainstorm ways to make it work for your family.  We are all affected differently.  We have adoption coaches and counselors on standby to help you one-on-one through our ACT Program.

Also, to help meet the needs of our families who may be finding this extended disruption stressful, America World is offering two free webinars coming up on Friday, April 3:

·         Parenting Children ages 0-12 in COVID-19, 1:00 PM EST, register HERE at this link.

·         Parenting Teens in COVID-19, 2:00 PM EST, register HERE at this link.

These webinars will be hosted by a panel of adoption experts and will cover topics such as stress management, anxiety and grief, sensory needs, keeping the peace, and more.  There will be brief presentations, and then a time for discussion and questions.  Each should last about 45 minutes total.  We hope you will join us!


As a dear friend, psychologist, and city council member pointed out recently in our virtual town meeting, we should be “physically distancing” and “socially connecting,” (NOT “socially distancing”).  That is the way we will not only survive, but THRIVE through this time, and hopefully our kids will look back one day as and say “That was the best time of our lives!”


If you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to talk with you by phone or video-conference.  Just call 800-429-3369, or email

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