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Free Adoption Webinars: Adopting From China & India

America World has two adoption webinars in October for families considering our China Waiting Child program and/or our India program .  If you are interested in adopting from either of these countries, these webinars will familiarize you with the adoption process in each.

Both of these webinars are presented by our program staff, so you will get an inside view of the details directly from those who know the adoption processes best.  Each webinar is approximately 30 minutes.  You can submit your questions before the webinar, or ask questions during the presentations which begin at 12:30 pm Eastern (India) and 8:00 pm Eastern (China) on Tuesday, October 20th.

India Webinar for TypePad

“Adopting from India” Webinar
Tuesday, October 20th at 12:30 pm Eastern time
Register HERE


China Webinar for TypePad
“Adopting a Waiting Child from China” Webinar
Thursday, October 20th at 8:00 pm Eastern time
Register HERE


Be sure to check our Events page for additional dates and times, and new webinars!


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