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Freddie Needs Storytellers

Freddie 2015 1
Freddie is a five year old little boy waiting to be matched with a forever family!
He loves to smile and laugh!

One visitor to the America World Transition Home noted,

“Whenever I would begin massaging his legs, he would begin to sing by opening his mouth and going ‘Oooh, oooh.’ It would make everyone laugh. He is also very ticklish and laughs and laughs when you rub his back just right. I also played music for him and he would turn his head towards the music and listen intently. Freddie is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle in laps.”

Freddie 2015 2
Freddie is currently on our Waiting Children's List, which is where you can find his specific special needs listed. He has been in our Transition home since 2013. To learn more about our Ethiopia Waiting Children’s List, please fill out a short, free pre-application found here, and you will be contacted by an Ethiopia Family Coordinator. Please keep Freddie in your prayers!



If families ever want to share a story on our blog about one of the children on our Waiting Children’s List, please contact


#BeAStoryteller for Freddie!


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