Forry family: One Month In, An Adoption Story
July 21, 2016


My husband, Adam, and I already had two biological children, ages 13 and 10, but we felt we had more love to give to a child who needed a family. We raised the money, filled out the reams of paperwork, and made the space in our home for a third child.

Fast forward to today. We have been home a month with Liam. Adoption has been probably the hardest thing we have ever done, but it has also been tremendously rewarding. Our son now has a mommy, daddy, sister and brother to sing to him before bed, to give him hugs and kisses, to laugh at his humor, to introduce him to Jesus. He has advocates as he looks at numerous medical treatments and dentist appointments. He has a future full of hope.

The adoption of precious children is not only encouraged in Scriptures, it is an incredible witness to the world.

My husband, who is a pastor, was questioned by an official approving our adoption: "Why are so many pastors adopting children from here?" He asked my husband to write down his reason, and Adam shared James 1:27 with him. Adoption is changing the lives of children and bearing witness to our God, who is father to the fatherless.

This is the first picture I saw of my son. It was posted on AWAA's waiting child page. At the time I thought: "Here is a boy who needs and mommy and daddy to tuck him in at night and tell him he is loved by them and by God."

Home forever!


If you have been considering adoption please check out the many programs currently available through America World here

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