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Follow Up to Alexis’ Previous Letter

As a follow up to Alexis’ mention of the proposed law which could affect adoptions in El Salvador please see the following that our friend Carmen in El Salvador put out:

Dear friends, of ASOCIACION FAMILIA Y ESPERANZA,I would like to inform you that couple of days ago,  we have found a big change that our actual President of El Salvador ELIAS ANTONIO SACA send a  project of a new law  to our Legislators, with the objective of make the adoption process  faster  for national and international adoption, in this project they propose the adoption has to be done in no more time that nine months.
And about the new law call the Law of the protection for the children, MIRIAM FIGUEROA the representative of UNICEF in El Salvador, express that if the population of El Salvador never heard about this new law is like this law never exist, that is why our organization is preparing a popular version of the law, that is going to be out in a couple of months.

Please pray that the general population of El Salvador will learn of this law and support it and also, that the legislators will see the value and be behind it. 

We’re waiting on the Conjunta Reunion to meet and anticipate that some additional America World families will receive OPA approval when this happens.  OPA is slowly working through our families dossiers and if anything is needed Alexis quickly contacts me and I let the family know what is needed.  Most of the requests have been around the legalities of the dossier, such as updating a Power of Attorney form, updating licenses for agencies, social workers, physicians and psychologists.


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