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Follow Their Journey from China: The Caldwell Family Meets Their Daughter!

It's the moment every adoptive parent longs for–Gotcha Day. For Zach & Rebecca Caldwell, that day came just hours ago in China where they met their daughter for the very first time. From opposite ends of the globe, God brought three people together to became a family. We are grateful that the Caldwell family took the time to share that moment with us.


Caldwell 1
Yesterday was Gotcha Day for us and Eden and the rest of the families here with us. I woke up with butterflies in my tummy because you never quite know to expect, logistically (will she already be at the place we are meeting her or we will arrive and wait on her?), or emotionally (how will she react, how will we react?) and you realize your life is about to change forever….it's a whole lot to take in, and of course we know that since we have done this three other times…but still, all the nerves and racing thoughts are there every time!!

We met Eden in a very large and nice government building on the 20-something floor. She was already there, along with the orphanage staff. Our first moments went well as she hugged and greeted us but the paperwork process was long and it was very emotional and difficult for Eden during the transition. 

Caldwell 3
After a somewhat difficult and emotional afternoon we brought dinner back to the hotel. When it was time for Eden to sleep I began to get her ready for bed. I'll admit I was pretty nervous! I went through the same bedtime routine that we would use at home, brush teeth, story and prayers. Amazingly she allowed me to hold her the whole time while she held her two favorite stuffed animals. I then laid her down with her blankie and stuffed animals where she proceeded to sleep for the entire night! 

Caldwell 2
We have no doubt that what gets us through are the prayers of God's people and the Holy Spirit living in us and giving us strength and grace. You will never know how much prayers and encouragement mean to us. 

We see progress each minute. Every moment brings us closer together as Eden becomes more comfortable in her new family.


More than 4,300 families have experienced Gotcha Day through America World. If God is leading your family on a journey to adoption we would love to partner with you on that journey. Visit our website to learn more, email us at, or call 800-429-3369.


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