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First Hosting Program A Success

Welcoming Angels airportIt is one week since the children who participated in the Welcoming Angels Hosting trip returned to Ethiopia. The children left from Dulles International Airport with Caitlin Edwards, Africa Family Coordinator, for their return to Ethiopia.  Our staff in Ethiopia wrote us the following: “The children for hosting program are arrived safely with Caitlin and the children joined their friends at orphanage. The orphanages have prepared a small party to welcome their kids backâ€.  The children also returned with many donations for their orphanages.  America World is very grateful for our partner in this hosting trip, Grafted Families in Maryland.  They were wonderful to work with and coordinated all the activities, events and medical care the children received while here in Maryland.    

Hopefully you have been following the Hosting trip here on the blog. If not, please refer to the archived Welcoming Angels posts to read about the children and the activities they did during their time here.  If you are interested in  hosting a child in the future, or organizing a hosting trip to your area of the country, please contact


Susan Maines

Executive Director of Programs


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