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Filing for an I-600A Renewal – Update from USCIS

Families filing for a renewal of the I-600A form for Grandfathered cases (i.e. an I-600A filed prior to April 1, 2008) must file their form at the USCIS Field Office having jurisdiction over the place of residence of the perspective parent(s), not with the Texas Lockbox facility.  For more information, visit the USCIS website at and click Adoption forms, choose I-600A, and then instructions for filing the I-600A. The following link has been provided for your convenience:
Families Residing Abroad
For families residing outside of the U.S., please consult your nearest American Consulate for the overseas or stateside USCIS office designated to act on your application. Information on being fingerprinted while living abroad can also be found on page four of the PDF at this link: (choose- instructions for completing the I-600A)


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