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adoption tax credit

The Federal Adoption Tax Credit

While most adoption is expensive, there is more financial help out there than ever.  For example, the Federal Adoption Tax Credit can provide up to $14,080 per child for families adopting in 2019.

If you do not understand the Federal Adoption Tax Credit and are considering adoption (or are in the process), help is here!

Our friends at National Council for Adoption have just released an updated article on the Tax Credit in their Adoption Advocate No. 132. Everything you need to know to understand this important tax benefit.

This applies to families who are adopting through the foster care system, through private domestic adoption, or through international adoption.

Read the Website Version Here

Read PDF Here

Thanks to the article’s authors, Becky Wilmoth and Ryan Hanlon, PhD, for researching and writing, and National Council for Adoption for their continued advocacy for adoption!

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