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Family Video: Olivia Sings John 3:16

We always love seeing stories and hearing from our families during the holidays and wanted to share a sweet video with you of Olivia, who was adopted through our China program. During the Christmas season, Olivia spent time around the piano with her family singing John 3:16 set to the tune of ‘Silent Night’. 

This video is a beautiful reminder of America World's mission statement which is to build Christian families according to God’s design of adoption. America World is committed to helping America's families and the world's orphans experience the love of God in Jesus through the “Spirit of adoption.” When we see a precious video like this, we are reminded visibly of how our mission as an agency is fulfilled daily through the lives of Christian families who bring an orphan into their home as a son or daughter and instill within them the Word of God—families who share the gospel with their sons and daughters, children who may not have had an opportunity to hear the gospel had they not entered into a Christian family. 

We are beyond thankful for all of our AWAA families who invest into the lives of their children. As we enter this new year, we are looking for new families to join our China program family.

If your family is interested in adopting from China, our staff would love to speak with you. Please contact us at 800-429-3369 or by email at to learn more about this exciting program and how we can help you begin your adoption journey from China

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