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Family Story: Don't let finances keep you from saying yes!

Family Story: Don’t let finances keep you from saying yes!

Today we’d like to share a story from one of our China families who have seen God work in their lives in the area of financing their adoption. Have finances been holding you back from considering adoption? Have you ever allowed yourself to follow the path of reasoning that adoption is for “all those other families” but there’s no way it’s for us because we could never afford it?  If you are honest with yourself, you have probably had this thought and we want you to know it’s a very natural concern that many families have. While it can be an intimidating faith step to say “yes” to adoption, we are thankful to say that we’ve seen God work time and time again in family after family over the last 23 years.  So many of these families could share personal stories of the numerous ways God has provided for their adoptions. We have heard some of the most amazing stories of fundraising, grants being given, or funds coming from the most surprising sources when a family least expected it. 
Below we’d like you to read a recent story that was shared with us about how God provided for a family and their adoption. They will travel to China soon to meet their precious son and we are so glad God called them to adopt and they didn’t let finances stop them from obeying God. Because of their obedience, a sweet little boy will now call them mommy and daddy.
At the beginning of the adoption process, our family was very anxious about the financial side of things. A friend of mine who had adopted through America World told me that if God wanted us to do this, the financial side would be the least of our worries. He said that it is unexplainable, but true. 
He was right! 
We have been randomly putting money away into a goal setter account, knowing that we would need $7,300 to bring with us to China. There hasn’t been any rhyme or reason behind how we’ve done it. As money comes in, we put it away. We took one last trip to the bank on Monday. Below is the picture of what God has done.


The amount is almost exactly to the dollar! He amazes us! Thanks for celebrating with us!
Perhaps you are like this family and considering an adoption from China, but are letting money stand in the way of taking that first step of obedience. We’d like you to know that there are many resources available for international adoption and many that are issued from faith-based grant agencies and designed for Christian families who are open to adopting a child. You can learn more about ways to finance your adoption, by clicking HERE. There are numerous organizations working hard to help provide funds to assist families in bringing their children home. We encourage you to click the link above that will direct you to our website where you can learn more about these organizations and ways you can finance your adoption. 
If you are interested in learning more about adopting from China, please contact our staff at 800-429-3369 or by email at You can also fill out our FREE Pre-application to learn more about our China program and see if you qualify, by clicking HERE. We’d love to help you take this exciting faith step and be a part of how God may be calling you to build your family.


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