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Family Spotlight

Let America World spotlight your family!

Over the years, I have had the wonderful task to work on America World’s annual calendar.  Through these pictures, I’ve been provided the unique privilege to peer into the joys and love that families experience through the wonderful act of adoption.

Each year I speak with families who love the calendar just as much as I do (if not, more) because the pictures remind them that God is actively building families through adoption.  Time and time again, folks have communicated to me that they appreciate being able to celebrate the miracle of adoption as they view the beaming face of each adopted child.

Obviously, the calendar is only a small representation of all of the families that have been completed through the miracle of adoption.  We receive thousands of pictures each year from families whom are excited to show others how much of a blessing their son(s) and/ or daughter(s) are.

Because it is our desire to be able to celebrate families that have been built through God’s design of adoption more than just once a year, America World is beginning a new venture on our blog: the Family Spotlight.

Here’s how it will work:

Every week we’ll put the spotlight on an adopted child and/ or their families on our blog.  We’ll include a handful of pictures (provided by the family).  We will also provide participating families with a handful of fun and simple questions for the parents or the child to answer and return to us.  For example, you might see the questions: What are your child(ren)’s favorite activities?  What is one favorite family memory?  How have you seen your child(ren) be a blessing to extended family/ your church/ your community?  Once we've collected all the pieces, we'll post these on our blog to share with others.

In this way, we hope that families will not only be able to celebrate God’s faithfulness to your family, but also to feel more connected with the adoption community at large.

If you are interested in being featured in the Family Spotlight, or simply have questions, please email your pictures and completed copy of the Media Consent and Release Form* to  (These submitted pictures can also be used for our 2012 Annual Calendar Contest, if you wish.)

*Once you have filled out, signed and returned the current version of the Media Release Form to America World, we will keep this on file so that you will not have to fill this out again for any upcoming projects or events.

In Him,

Jason West, Director of Development

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