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Summer Bucket List

Family Resources: Summer Bucket List

As summer approaches and we wind down distance learning or homeschooling our children the focus shifts to finding activities and making memories with the family. Each family will be carving their own path during this unique time, but one thing remains true, no matter how we handle reemerging into daily life, there is much to look forward to, and much fun to be had in the sun.

Many families enhance their summer experience and connection by creating a summer bucket list. Not only is it fun to see a list of places and activities and goals, it’s also a chance to ponder what fuels or recharges your family. Each member of the family can take the opportunity to share how they best relax, play and interact. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about what each person needs to thrive and how all members of the family can accommodate each other’s needs.

Here are a few great blogs and lists to get your creativity flowing! If you make a list, tell us what’s on it!

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