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Gods very good idea

Family Resources: Books to prepare hearts for Easter

Easter is going to look a lot different for us this year. Thankfully, while our celebration location may change a bit, our reason for celebrating NEVER changes. Jesus is risen, He loves us and that truth is unshakable. Recently, our staff has started weekly reading times to connect with all of you out there and share some of our favorite books. Our most recent selection was God’s Very Good Idea. If you missed that fun little reading click here to tune in and enjoy on our Facebook page. We love the message in God’s Very Good Idea because it celebrates God’s plan for us, his creation and what Jesus did to fulfill that plan. The pictures and storyline also reflect the diversity of mankind and how good and wonderful that diversity is. It’s a perfect book for families who don’t all look the same!

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross is another wonderful book within the same series that will help prepare little hearts (and big hearts) for Easter. This book focuses specifically on why Jesus died and rose again and why that’s the best news ever.

These excellent books are all easy and inexpensive to pick up on Amazon:

God’s Very Good Idea

God’s Very Good Idea Coloring and Activity Book

The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

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